5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Underwear

choose-braChoosing underwear is an emotional event, not just physical, and picking the perfect underwear for you can completely alter the way you feel and act, as well as look. With such a vast choice of styles, sizes and designs, it can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task, but the results when you find The One can be spectacular.

1. Wear the right size

Feeling completely comfortable in your underwear starts with choosing the exact right fit, and should come before anything else. There should be nothing irritating about the fit, especially when it comes to bras, so there should be no digging into breast tissue, sagging or sitting crookedly. Have yourself professionally fitted at a department store or boutique, and do this at regular intervals because you are bound to change shape and size over time. Be honest with yourself because wearing the right size will mean looking your best. For underwear other than bras, be aware that your size may change depending on the store or brand so always try the item on before buying.

2. Love the feel

Your underwear will be touching your skin all day so it is important to love the way it feels, as well as how it looks. Check for the materials and fabrics used to make the item, choosing more expensive and better quality will always be worth it in the long run because they will last longer and make you feel fantastic. Fabrics should not be scratchy, un-breathable, nor should they bunch up or cause you to sweat or itch. Depending on the function of the underwear may determine the type of material that you should choose, for example a sports bra should be in a Lycra or similar material, whereas a lingerie set for the bedroom should be in a luxurious material such as lace or satin.

3. Choose a style for you

There are a wide variety of cuts and styles that flatter and enhance every type of body shape so picking one that works for you will guarantee your comfort and confidence. You could particularly like the look of a certain style, but in reality there may be another one that suits you better so always be aware of yourself and what you want to hide or complement. Shapewear underwear can hide your flaws and accentuate areas that you want emphasising, such as Unitards or Bodysuits. You’ll be able to tell immediately if a style or cut isn’t right for you because you’ll have a bad feeling, it’s an intuitive activity.

4. Consider the occasion

Think about where and when you are going to be wearing the underwear. There are very different styles and types for every day, sports or special occasions. This can be with respect to the material, cut or design. Everyday underwear should be comfortable, supportive and contouring and importantly look invisible underneath your everyday clothing. It should be in neutral colours, matching your skin tone or to the colour of the over garment. For special occasions, the aesthetic is more important and it should not matter what it will look like underneath other clothing so choose something that makes you feel confident, seductive and elegant.

5. Consider aftercare

Once you’ve bought the underwear you’ll want to make it last as long as possible so the aftercare is an important factor. Washing each item correctly, according to the materials and fabrics will mean that the colour won’t fade or change and individual parts won’t come loose or break off.