About Us

Who are we?

Lamagia Lingerie is a small group of female writers with a passion and know-how for lingerie… From shop assistants to students, we’re everyday girls who know pretty much everything worth knowing about lingerie… Our aim is to create a resource that gives something extra; going into detail about product manufacturer, skin tones, comfort, occasion, affordability. We’re always looking for new people to contribute to our blog, see below for details.

What is ‘La Magia Lingerie’?

‘Magia’ is Spanish for ‘Magic’… No, we’re not magicians, but being based in Barcelona, and all too aware of the mystical effect lingerie (a french word) can have on that special someone, the named seemed fitting for our mission and cause.

‘Lingerie’ has been around for centuries, directly translated as ‘laundry’ or ‘washables’. Today, the word still features heavily in the French language, referring to pretty much any under garment worn by either men or women – only in the English language has the word come to be associated with glamour and seduction.

Write for us

We’re always keen to grow and add new content to our blog – whether you have that essential tip or simply wish to recommend a new product we’d love to hear from you… You can get in touch using our contact form. We especially enjoy hearing from writers who enjoy reviewing Agent Provocateur sale items, every month we provide our readers with hot tips from our preferred retailer “agent provocateur”. We look forward to hearing from you soon.