Choosing Lingerie – 5 Tips For Men!

Buying lingerie for a woman may seem like the most daunting prospect but when it’s done right, the results will be rewarding, and you’ll very soon forget about the trouble it caused you in the first place. The aim is to make her feel exceptional and by choosing the perfect lingerie that compliments her personality, she’ll feel confident and sexy when wearing it.

1. Most important: Size!

Getting this right will mean she’ll feel like you know her better than anyone and on top of that, it’ll make her look her absolute best. To get the right size there are a number of ways you can find out, without having to ask her so it comes as a surprise. You could ask a reliable friend of hers that either knows her very well or has been shopping with her for lingerie before. Another way is to check if she has saved any items online for possible future purchases. Probably the easiest and most reliable way is to check her recent underwear for a current size.

2. Then match the tone of the occasion to style

Most underwear may seem appropriate for every occasion to you, but to her there may be particular styles and looks that match the time and place it’ll be worn in. If it’s a spontaneous occasion, there are fewer rules, so you could pick up something racy and provocative. However, a more romantic scenario such as an anniversary will require something a little more sophisticated and subdued, but still feminine and sexy. It’s always easier if you buy the whole set, that way you can’t get mismatching pieces.

3. Find something she’ll want you to see her in

Matching the style and feel of the lingerie to her exact body shape and taste might be the hardest part of the process but when it’s done, there won’t be much persuading her out of it. If she’s curvier on top and smaller in her hips and legs, go for a bustier and thong which will accentuate her assets. For the opposite shape (curvier hips and legs, smaller waist and chest) choose a camisole or boy shorts. For someone that doesn’t have as many curves, pick up a one-piece such as a teddy or short chemise.

4. Get the fabric right

The feel of her in the underwear is just as important as what she looks like in it, so getting the right fabric is crucial. Depending on her personal taste you might be able to figure out what she would prefer when it comes to lingerie. A woman who is girly and feminine would probably prefer something softer and prettier in silk, satin or lace. If she’s a little more daring and extravert, try something more racy such as sheer, lace or leather. For a no-nonsense type of girl, go for a minimalist style in a satin or silk.

5. Think of yourself too!

To a certain degree it’s alright to be selfish, after all she will want to wear it to make you happy. Use this opportunity to see her in something that she may not necessarily buy herself but that you still think will suit her and she’ll want you to see her in. If you look happy with the result, it’ll make her feel more confident and sexy.