Finding the Perfect Bra

choose-braFor a garment that is often only seen by a select few, the bra provides women across the globe with concern and uncertainty; until you find the perfect one. This is because, until you do, wearing ill-fitting, unflattering and unfavourable bras is a common mistake that women put up with daily. But it doesn’t have to be the way, with so many different styles, sizes and fits there is a perfect bra for everyone and when you find it, you’ll never look back. And just like everything as intimate, you’ll just know when you have because suddenly feeling so great underneath will show in your confidence, poise and awareness and enjoyment of your own sensuality.

Even as far back as Ancient Greece, women were wearing undergarments to support or enhance their body shapes. Originally they were made from simple bands of material, usually wool or linen, that were pinned or tied behind the back. Slowly the incorporation of cups began to appear in the Middle Ages, and bras started to look more like the ones we see today. The corset played a huge role in Western women’s lives from the 16th Century; its role was to push up the breasts to create a more youthful and sensual appearance, as well as cinching in the waist to create the desirable hourglass figure. At the end of the 19th Century, the first modern bra was created at the hands of Christine Hardt, and since then has developed and grown in importance, fulfilling functions much more than just support.

The fit of the bra is probably the hardest thing to get right but when you do it can be transforming, both physically and in the way you carry yourself and relate to others. Undergarments should hold just as much importance as what you place over the top of them, so finding the right fit should be like finding the perfect pair of jeans or tee. Because every woman is unique there are no exact set rules for which size or style suits which body shape, but the cup and core should be measured accurately and most of all, the bra should feel comfortable.

With such a wide variety of styles, it can be confusing to understand the differences and how they can benefit your shape and enhance the garments worn over them. Some of the most common styles and shapes include; ‘Full Cup’, which is a natural, everyday look providing support and security, ‘Demi cup’ or ‘Balcony’, which is supportive and uplifting and worn underneath tops with wide or low scooping necks, ‘Strapless’, which is a style that allows for strapless dresses and other garments to be worn over the top. For styles that are designed for the bedroom, outerwear garments don’t really matter and cuts are more provocative and seductive, such as ‘Open’ or ‘Quarter Cup’.

Finding the perfect bra can be conditioned by a particular occasion, in which it will be worn; everyday, sports, bridal, Valentine’s, anniversary.  So whatever the circumstance, you can make sure that you feel empowered, feminine and exceptional.


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